Global Pandemic Chaos let’s try to stay connected or at least re connect.

As 2019 was such a difficult year for so many reasons when 2020 began I like a lot of people held our breaths pinned our hopes on a happier 2020. Sadly like some hopes and dream this hasn’t come true so far. Firstly back in February a large part of the country was faced with the consequences of a tropical storm which brushed across our shores.This left many communities with a huge hang over of devastating floods.My small rural town was one of the places hit by this devastation the most. The entire town was flooded and cut off from the rest of humanity for about three or four weeks.

Soon after life as we knew it had began news started to filter through about a deadly disease discovered in a town in China…its miles away it can’t be that bad it won’t affect me…This is what I naively kept telling myself. I proceeded to watch the news and realise this thing was actually much more serious than I had previously thought.Soon cases were reported across Europe, Italy seemed to have been affected badly from what the news reporters where telling us back here in England. Then one night as I watched the news in the distance the first cases had been reported in the UK,…This was getting more and more serious by the day. Everywhere you looked, the Tv, Social Media, Newspapers the news was EVERYWHERE!!!!

Before long the term ” Social distancing” became a phrase everyone was using and it became the governments top recommendations along with washing your hands regular cough or sneeze into tissues and bin immediately. The social disentangling became a big thing quickly and it was recommended that vulnerable members of our society should go into isolation, those groups being adults over 70, and those living with respiratory illness like asthma and others besides. The government announced school closures and the closure of pubs clubs restaurants theatres and the like.

The immediate response from large parts of society I’m sad to say was very ugly and very disappointing.People panic buying groceries and products from the supermarkets causing a wide spread shortage of items and at times a thug like mentality if you were unfortunate enough to have to be in a supermarket at various times.

Being an empath, and a sensitive soul, all this hysteria and constant information flooding my socials I felt my mood deteriorate. I had so many unanswered questions, was I at risk, was my partner? My family, my 14 month old nephew and my unborn niece, my sisters and my mum, who is 70+.

Suddenly in the background of all the negative noise I began to witness recoding artists be more present on social media singing their songs to cheer everyone up, over the next week I witnessed more and more of these people who had gone into isolation do the same, Pretty much any time of the day you could search through all the platforms and someone was live just talking, sympathising, supporting and entering us all. New groups were springing up on Facebook and suddenly there seemed to be a greater sense of everyone coming together a real community shinning it’s brightest lights above the darkness.Suddenly my energy began to shift, I took the time to indulge in watching the singers do their thing live…for free every single day and then it hit me hard…. “I need to do something”. I felt that I owed it to myself to preserve my own mental state and my own physical well being AND I had my own community of followers who needed me now more than ever…I needed to act and act fast.

For a day or two I did nothing as I was struggling to think about what exactly I could do to I went deep, I went personal and thought “what do I need, what will help me stay sane and stay as fit and as healthy as I can be doing things in my own” … there it was I had a platform, a community of people in very similar situations to myself so I began talking directly to them through social media. I decided I needed to show up every day do something live and offer support, remind people of the hygiene measures we all need to take and to give them something uplifting and practical to do to help them, help me, get through this period of uncertainty. Quickly my negative thoughts about a small section of society changed and my focus was lasered onto my community. So what have I been doing? Going live in my groups offering coaching type talks of encouragement and because I wanted to use this time for myself to get fit I have been doing accessible workouts for people which has been so much fun.

Whilst watching one singer in particular give her time to us all every night for a whole week I was moved by her words of compassion of hope of love and of community. She offered thanks to those people who’s job it is to be on the front line of this pandemic and who’s job it is to make us better and withhold the law and it made me realise the magnitude of the scale of this thing and how many thousands of people this is affecting every day.

So on top of doing my fitness and showing up for my community what have I been doing to keep my mind in check….Music has been my go-to either listening (to the live stream shows) and to some of the music I have loved so much but not had time to enjoy for a while. I also picked up my guitar and I’ve been playing again for the first time in a very long time. I have begun to write a new piece of instrumental music and I’ve started the process of learning a few covers. The singer who’s words I’ve hung onto every night as she performs..Melissa Etheridge keeps referring to the idea of connection…how we are ALL connected in some way and collectively how we are all connected through this pandemic. Its not just the responsibility of the scientists and doctors to stop this in its tracks but we ALL have a responsibility to look after our own health to maintain social distancing to isolate the vulnerable to look out for one another and be responsible and adhere to the guidelines and restrictions imposed.

This situation started in one small place and it quickly has affected the whole of society widespread…collectively we panicked and responded with very ugly behaviour but together we have now connected and created a much stronger force than evil, we fight this with educating ourselves, we fight this with compassion love hope and selflessness on a level I’ve never witnessed before in my lifetime.

I feel so blessed to be connected to the artists as the do what they can to help us and I feel so blessed to have had the time to get back to doing things I love …for me with no agenda just for pleasure and self satisfaction.

At the start I felt scared, lost and very very vulnerable but in some way now I feel so much more at peace with the knowledge of what are the things in life I love that I value and seek to continue to do.Most of all through this crisis I’ve seen the very best of humanity.

Remember no matter where you are from where you are there is no real dividing us we put ourselves in boxes to be able to live our lives but ultimately we are all one, one race with the need to survive and thrive and there’s only one way we can successfully do that………..connection!


Time for  reflection and to put what I preach into practice.

Behind the scenes here I have been going through some personal issues which are directly linked to my disability. I have become aware that the issues are having an affect on my own state of mind bringing my mood down for the most part. So, I decided to blog about it initially for me to get it off my chest and to demonstrate how I use writing as a coaching tool with my clients…so here goes:

Being someone born with a physical disability I am used to numerous hospital appointments and health issues. As a child I was in and out of hospital for treatments and regular out patient appointments. As an adult this stopped dramatically and I’ve been more or less left to my own devices for years now.After experiencing my injury to my back ten years ago I have lived with the pain this has caused up to this point. However, over the last two years I have noticed an increase in the levels of pain and an increase in the areas on my body where I feel this pain.It is no longer isolated to the lower lumbar area initially triggered by my injury.

As a life long self propelling wheelchair user I was finding it increasingly difficult to push myself over any distance without experiencing any pain, the pain got worse and my ability to self propel became less and less.
Last November I finally caved into my partners suggestion and approached the wheelchair service in the hope of applying for a powered chair…this was a huge issue for me it felt for so long like a set back, a decline in my health. This sense of loss of independence was so overwhelming I knew I would benefit from having a powered chair but I just couldn’t face admitting I now needed one. At my appointment it was agreed that I would be issued with a new powered chair. As I got used to this I carefully monitored my pain levels only to be dismayed that infact  my pain was increasing further. I discussed this with my GP after trying a varied combination of medication and it was decided I needed to see an orthopaedic specialist. I went to this appointment with a mixture of hope and dread I wanted an answer a solution I just wanted the pain gone by now my new pain levels were having a dramatic affect on my every day life.

Having looked at my x rays… which was a huge culture shock to my system seeing the inside of my skeletal structure and all it’s unusual twists and contortions. The doctor quickly ruled out surgery.What I was faced with was a case of my body had spent almost 50 years compensating for the contorted structure,my body was beginning to buckle under the pressure.The one and only solution to my dilemma was to manage the pain long term…yes I have to live with this pain for the rest of my life. I’ve been booked into see a phycologist to talk over my feelings and the pain management option we are looking into is a series of injections to kill off the nerve endings around the area of pain.

my appointment to map out this was only three days ago and ever since then my head feels like it’s been thrown into the washing machine on a fast extended spin cycle.To make matters worse to get to and from this appointment I have to go past the site of my old special school.

so where am I at with all this now?

I’M PETRIFIED!!  Every time I go past the school my mind is flooded with memories of all my friends and our wonderful times together and then I’m sad because around 90% of all my school friends from then are now deceased including my very best friend who’s death I’m still coming to terms with. I watched closely as his own health deteriorated quite dramatically until he sadly passed away.I keep thinking this awful  bad thought of…”am I next, is this the beginning of the end for me too”.

Looking at this from a coaching perspective I realise that at present I’m still in a state of acceptance and letting the information from the appointment sink in. I’m aware that I’m feeling very low but I’m mature enough to also keep perspective and that it’s not necessarily some kind of terminal diagnosis but still the new information is hard to take and I’ll need time.

after an hour or two at home I began to get into a more positive mindset. My thoughts have turned to ways I can help myself to remain as physically fit as possible. My upper body strength has deteriorated a lot but too much fitness work aggravates the pain. I’m going to spend some time researching methods I can use to regain some chore strength and arm strength. I guess this is where coaching skills really come into play…I’m looking at the facts of my current situation I have a goal, to stay as fit and healthy as long as possible I just have to break things down and figure out the pathway to reach my goal.i know it might sound strange but in a way I’m actually glad to be going through such an experience because by working through it I can use it  to fully understand some of the issues my clients will be going through  and offer support from a place of real understanding . I need some time to let the appointment sink in and get the future sessions in place and I will probably continue to blog about my feelings as  I go along the process.  This blog has been deeply personal and yes I feel it has helped me to a degree. I sincerely hope it helps at least one person reading it if they are going through something similar and I hope it educates anyone else who might be interested. I’m not called the warrior on wheels fir nothing I’ll battle on and I will continue to help you out there as many people as possible,

with love

be happy be you!

Warrior on Wheels



Three month review

Where did summer go?? I can’t believe we are in early September already. Even more of a surprise is that we are three months into the life of Warrior On Wheels Life Coaching.

So since making the giant leap into the world of life coaching I’m more confident than ever that this was the right decision for me. I have been working very hard on my visibility and creating the type of content online that speaks out to a wide audience of people who can really relate to my story and what I’m hoping to achieve here. I can honestly say hand on heart I wake up each morning now full of excitement and enthusiasm and j7mo right into taking steps towards developing my visibility and reputation as a honestly doe not feel like I’m doing a job I do it willingly because I simply love supporting and helping people. I love making people feel better about themselves so for me doing this is sheer joy 100% of the time. I’ve also been busy learning for myself and every coach I follow tells me how important it is to be visible and be authentic which I find very easy to do I am me and no one else I can only tell my story in my own words and pass on what I’ve learned by living through it…this for me is what true authentic coaching should be based on.

I always felt at the early part of this coaching life that until i was coaching actual clients I felt uncomfortable saying I was a coach…three months in and I now have clients and new enquiries every day so now yes, I feel like I can call myself a coach.

So i will continue to show up and advertise I know this won’t be an overnight success but I’m confident that there will be people out there needing my help. ..are you that person do you need help with low self esteem and confidence do you live with anxiety or depression if so do get intouch and maybe YOU will become my next client I want to help you be happy and be you


I have decided to write a blog about my own journey with mental health and to update you all on everything connected to Warrior On Wheels Life Coaching. My aim is to write roughly once a month.


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